Friday July  14th. Today was our last field trip organized by the summer program. We were going to the DMZ which I was most excited about. For those of you who don’t know the DMZ is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula to serve as a buffer zone, it came about from the Korean Armistice Agreement. It is a boarder barrier that is 4 kilometer wide, 2 kilometers being on the North Korean side and 2 Kilometers on the South. Both countries are…Continue Reading “Day 26: North of the Wall”

Thursday July 14th. Another week full of classes and my last full week of school before exams, the weekend is finally here. I got sick this week and ended up missing classes on Wednesday and Thursday and forced myself to do something Thursday night. I did go to the clinic which was the fastest and most easiest trip to the doctors ever but it was useless the doctor saw me for a total of a minute, checked my temperature and felt my throat and concluded I had…Continue Reading “Day 25: If you are Ever on a Date in Seoul”

Saturday July 8th. Today I met up with my friend Michelle and we went on a shopping spree. We both spent to much money but Yolo. Koreans standard of beauty is absurd, everyone skin is flawless, their makeup is on point and their clothes are so stylish I wanted to hop on this bandwagon. My skin since I have been n Korea has been super weird and I don’t normally have problems with my skin. Koreans have a 10 step skin care process that I…Continue Reading “Day 20: Shopping Spree”

Friday July 7th. This week was midterm week so I was busy with school, and Thursday night I just went out to dinner and a bar with some friends. Today was our third field trip. It was originally supposed to be Everland but because its Monsoon season and there are crazy flash floods happening they switched it to lotte world which I think is the biggest indoor amusement park in the world. The demographics lotte world targets is definitely kids and we noticed that right…Continue Reading “Day 19: It’s Not Lit”

Saturday July 1st and Sunday July 2nd I spent Canada Day at a Buddhist temple. Someone described the experience as meh, and I would have to agree with them. If I had another chance to stay at a temple I probably would turn down the offer. The temple stay be relaxed and give you enlightenment and I don’t think I experienced either. Good things about it though was the temple was absolutely beautiful, located in Buchanan National Park and being over 1000 years old. The…Continue Reading “Day 13/14: Buddhist Temple Stay”

Thursday June 29th. After a busy week of school I was finally had some time for more fun. Koreans love coffee, in a single block there could be at least a half dozen coffee shops and cafés. There are also so many different themed cafés from hello kitty to meercat café there is something for everyone. My peace buddy decided to take us to two of these themed cafés which were located in the very happening area of Hongdae. After class we met up and…Continue Reading “Day 11: Café Hopping”

Day 6: Gyeongbokgung Palace & The Best Food

Saturday June 24th. Today I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace with another peace buddy group. There are 5 different palaces in Seoul, this one is the largest and is apparently the most scenic. You can rent the traditional dresses and walk around the palace in them. We decided not to but everyone wearing them was so cute if I go back I think I will rent one. We were lucky we got to  see the changing of the guard ceremony. We didn’t realize it was going on, we…Continue Reading “Day 6: Gyeongbokgung Palace & The Best Food”

  Friday June 23rd. Today we had a field trip to the Korean folk village. It was a replica and not an authentic folk village. To be honest I probably wouldn’t recommend going there we were there for about 6 hours and it felt way to long, also it was super hot out. The folk village had 4 different shows when we first arrived, a instrument one, a tight rope one, a horse one and a traditional marriage. These were pretty cool to see, they…Continue Reading “Day 5: Korean Folk Village & BBQ”

Thursday June 22. Today I slept in till the alarm at 7am which was a major success. I went to my advertising and society class and my professor was talking about how the media reflect societies values. She used k-dramas as an example, she said no matter what k-dramas you watch they always end the same You don’t even have to watch the entire season you can just watch the first episode and you will know how it ends. She said there is always this…Continue Reading “Day 4: Han River”

Wednesday June 21 My jetlag was a bit better today I slept in till 5am. Today was the first day of classes, I have advertising and society at 9am to 11:30am and then Beginner Korean from 2pm-5pm. Advertising and society is fairly interesting but is a lot of work with presentations and exams. After the class I met with friends and we went to go find a bank and some lunch. Walking to the bank we found street food and I got myself an egg…Continue Reading “Day 3: Egg Buns are Delicious”